Our Programs

P.E.P Prep Series

(Parent Empowerment Programming)

Our Parent Empowerment Programming (P.E.P.) comprises three distinct levels designed to equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to advocate effectively for equitable education policies within the New Orleans Public School (NOLA-PS) system.

P.E.P. Talks

P.E.P. Talks serve as the prerequisite initial discovery meetings before joining our P.E.P. Prep series. These personalized sessions provide individuals with the opportunity to connect with alignED staff, share concerns, ask questions, and receive guidance tailored to their needs. Through these conversations, participants gain insights into the P.E.P. Prep curriculum and embark on their journey towards advocating effectively for equitable education policies within the New Orleans Public School system. Click here to book your 30-minute P.E.P. Talk today.

P.E.P. Prep 101: The History of New Orleans Education

P.E.P. Prep 101 serves as an introductory course, offering fundamental skill-building sessions and educational seminars tailored to enhance parents’ understanding of the New Orleans public charter school system. Participants engage in a comprehensive six-week educational series delving into crucial topics such as the history of the public school system, board governance structures, the efficacy of the school choice model, and successful reforms. Through interactive learning experiences led by education experts, participants gain a deep understanding of the educational landscape, empowering them to actively participate in their children’s education journey and advocate for positive changes within the charter school system.

P.E.P. Prep 201: Catalysts for Change

P.E.P. Prep 201 offers an advanced curriculum that allows participants to utilize the knowledge acquired and apply it to a specific project. Through collaborative workshops and strategic planning sessions, participants develop collective initiatives focused on enhancing parental involvement and driving constructive transformations within the educational sphere. 201 emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and leadership in advocating for equitable and inclusive education opportunities for all students.

P.E.P. Prep 301

P.E.P. Prep 301 focuses on the implementation of collective projects developed in P.E.P. Prep 201. Participants work collaboratively to execute their shared initiatives, driving meaningful change within the educational landscape of New Orleans. Through hands-on experience and guided support from alignED facilitators, participants turn their advocacy efforts into tangible results, furthering our mission of ensuring every child receives a quality education.

align Your Vote

align Your Vote is a comprehensive program dedicated to enhancing youth voter participation and nurturing a culture of civic engagement among the younger generation. Through strategic partnerships with various Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), we identify eligible student voters and collaborate with their civics instructors and community stakeholders. Together, we deliver engaging 90-minute classroom sessions aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and resources needed to become informed voters. By the conclusion of each session, students are officially registered to vote in Orleans Parish, empowering them to play an active role in shaping their community’s future through the democratic process.

High School Voter Signing Day

This annual event, marks the momentous occasion when young individuals officially become registered voters. Aligned with Louisiana High School Voter Registration Day, observed as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May, this program is dedicated to nurturing civic engagement and celebrating the empowerment of new voters and their families. This event is designed to be a press conference and gathering as we shine a spotlight on the excitement surrounding voting. This is an opportunity to recognize the significance of this milestone and reaffirm our commitment to building an informed and engaged electorate for the future.

P.E.E.R. Symposium

Parent Engagement and Empowerment Resources

The Parent Engagement and Empowerment Resources (P.E.E.R.) Symposium serves as a transformative experience designed for families to access resources, build community, and prioritize mental and emotional well-being. Through workshops, discussions, and experiential activities led by wellness experts, attendees gain valuable insights and tools to support their holistic health journey.